River Worship

Creative Arts

More than just a team, the River Worship is a family dedicated to honor and serve God using our skills and talents through music. Our aim is to usher people to spirit-led worship and minister to their thirst for God's presence through prophetic worship. Our mission is to awaken and equip the hearts of worshippers, for we long to see the Body of Christ worshipping the Father in Spirit and in Truth. River Worship gets invited locally and globally to conduct worship mentoring workshops aimed at both character formation and technical knowledge development.

The Creative Arts Ministry of River of God has three divisions namely FIRESTARTERS (dance and banner), VISIONCASTERS (prophetic painting), and TRAILBLAZERS (performing arts).

To love God and disciple his people through arts is the main thrust of this ministry. Our mission is to evangelize the lost through arts and establish them in the Christian faith, to usher God’s people in worship and provide an avenue where they can use their talents to worship God, to lead and encourage them to express their worship through arts and equip them to enhance their artistic skills and empower them to equip others.


Media & Production

The Ushering Ministry is driven by their vision "to love God and serve His people". Their mission to keep and maintain order and security in the church is one way they do to serve the purpose. Differences in the strength of each member keeps the ministry balanced. The increasing passion in the hearts of people across all ages to serve through this ministry has been one of their core strength.

We support ministries in communicating their message through quality presentations, graphic design, photography, videography, and live broadcast, while social media is our primary method for making noise. Our purpose is to relay God’s message in today’s high-tech society, in this creative and innovative generation.

- Graphic Design / Poster Design - Program Coordination - Production - Videography & Photography
- Broadcast / Livestreaming - Projection (Lyrics) - Stage Lighting & Design


Driven by a desire to serve as mouthpieces of the Gospel, River of God's Communications Ministry functions to communicate the Word of God across various social media platforms. The team is responsible for communicating updates, information, and changes to the ROG community through the creation of online collaterals and other related documents. We also work hand in hand with various ministries to help shine their light towards other people in this digital age.

Cross Cultural Ministry

River of God Cross Cultural Ministry is God's voice, bringing God's people back to God's agenda. We exist to take part in completing the remaining task of the Great Commission through equipping, edifying and mobilizing churches, both locally and globally.

Connect Team

The Connect Team is responsible for creating a welcoming and an engaging atmosphere for all first timers (VIPs) and regular members of the ROG congregation.
We serve as the “discipleship frontliners” who introduce River of God to the newcomers.

Our aim is to help VIPs and ROG members to grow in their relationship with God by connecting them to the River of God Spiritual Family, and  eventually getting them
into discipleship. 


This is an exciting time to join our spiritual family as we have created new ministries to encourage growth in your journey with the Lord as you go through the various stages of your life!

Designed for children aged 4 to 12, River Kids is a ministry that seeks to provide an entry-level experience for kids that includes games, Bible stories, interactive learning activities, and lots of fun.

XO (Crossover) is ROG's youth ministry founded to cater to young members from 13 to 19. As the name implies, XO aims to drive young believers as they "cross over" to adulthood by elevating their faith, character, and maturity.

Young Adults is ROG's newest ministry meant for church members aged 20 to 30. YA seeks to build fellowships among young adults and address various issues in line with career, finances, personal growth, and even relationships.

ROG's Adults Ministry (River Men & Women) caters to church members between the ages of 31 to 50, while our Seasoned group invites believers aged 51 and up. Both ministries are designed to help men and women mature further in their walk with Christ.

We also have a Family Ministry to help married couples foster families consecrated to the Lord and His teachings. Connect with us, and be a part of our ever-expanding family!