Bishop Augusto “Chito” Sanchez, Jr.
& Pastor Rachel Sanchez

Founders of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Inc., an orphanage for street children and children at risk which they established in 1998. Soon after the establishment of the Children’s Home, street families started to come for food/feeding and the need to feed them spiritually was very evident. With hearts to serve the poor and the destitute in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, they founded the first River of God Church in Pinagbuhatan.

To date, the orphanage has transitioned to a community-based Foundation that sponsors education of destitute children through the Riversprings School, provides feeding, medical, dental and calamity assistance to the poor. The River of God Church - Pinagbuhatan and the Riversprings School are all located in the biggest slum area in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, Philippines.

Because of  the desire to reach out to people of various ages and strata, they started the River of God - Galleria in 2002 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas Center while the church’s office is located in the Robinson’s Mall, Galleria in Quezon City, Philippines.

The church is a “Drinking Well” for those who are weary, hungry and thirsty for God and to experience the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. To date, Bishop Chito and Pastor Rachel oversee 363 River of God Churches and Affiliates all over the Philippines including churches in Beijing, China, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and London, UK.

Bishop Chito and Pastor Rachel are itinerant ministers. They minister together continually in the areas of unity, revival, prayer, worship, discipleship and the apostolic and prophetic ministries all over the Philippines, Asia, United States of America, Australia and Europe and are organizing various revival conferences, seminars on discipleship, prophetic, Biblical financial stewardship and prayer gatherings nationally and internationally.

Bishop Augusto “Chito” Sanchez Jr.

Bishop Chito is the Commission Head of the Transformation and Revival Ministry focusing on prayer for the Nation, a commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC). He is also one of the Bishops of PCEC. In addition, he is appointed as the Regional Apostolic Coordinator of the Harvest International Ministry in the Philippines.

He is a revivalist by heart and is passionate about being intimately in love with Jesus Christ and the lost through evangelism and discipleship.
He spearheads the Transformation and Revival Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) and conducts a series of free conferences and monthly revival meetings called Soaking in the River that has been running for more than ten years already. He is the bishop and overseer of more than three hundred River of God churches and affiliates here and abroad and also heads a network of apostolic and prophetic churches in the Philippines under Harvest International Ministry. His message is clear, the genuine love that we have for Jesus will spark the great flame of transformation and revival from within ourselves, then it will spread to the entire nation of the Philippines and the rest of the world.

Pastor Rachel Sanchez

Is a teacher by heart and loves to impart her knowledge and personal encounter with the Holy Spirit that radically changed her life. She is the senior pastor of River of God Galleria and heads ROG Supernatural Ministry that regularly conducts trainings and workshops which is open for the Body of Christ. Her passion is to see the saints activated in their spiritual gifts and operate in the supernatural realm through signs, wonders, miracles and healing all for the purpose of expanding God's Kingdom.

Her love for children lead her to open an orphanage twenty years ago and is now converted into a school which offers free quality Christian education to qualified students regardless of race and religion and economic status. She started a movement called Women Arise that aims to encourage the women to rise up for Christ and be bold to proclaim the gospel to the world by walking in partnership with men.

Bishop Chito and Pastor Rachel have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. They reside in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Bishop Augusto “Chito” Sanchez Jr.

Overseer of River of God Churches and Affiliates
Commission Head of PCEC Transformation and Revival Commission
Convenor of Philippine Council of Evangelical Bishops
National Director of Harvest International Ministry - Philippines

Pastor Rachel Sanchez

Senior Pastor of River of God Galleria
Founder of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation
Directress of Riversprings School
ROG Supernatural Institute Overseer

Pastor Greeko Villanueva

Discipleship and Connect Pastor
ROG Daughter Churches & Affiliates Coordinator 

Pastor Roselyn Arcelo

Administration Pastor
Pastoral Care & Counseling
River Women Overseer 

Pastor Mark Libunao

Bp. Chito & Ps. Rachel's Personal Assistant
Creative Arts Overseer
River Men Overseer


Pastor Tin Corpus

Pastor Abigail Sanchez-Flores

Pastor Rodel Buban

Communications Pastor
River Kids Overseer

Media & Production Overseer

Worship Pastor
River Families Overseer

Pastor Khristine Lacsina

Pastor Tom Maguiza

Pastor Jethro Mendoza

Cross Cultural Ministry Pastor

Youth Pastor
Young Adults Overseer 

Ushering Ministry Overseer


Joy Mallari

Angelyn Antonio

Media and Production

Creative Arts

 Erika Garcia


Mikaela Layco

Rhealyn Volante

Carrissa Atanacio

Worship Team


Discipleship & Connect


Aprile Liwanag

River Kids (3-12 years old)

Lance Julius Traigo

River Youth (13-19 years old)

Mikee Chester

Young Adults (20-35 years old)

Jed Fortuno

Pastor Mark Libunao

Seasoned (51 years old and above)

River Men (36-50 years old)

Rosalin Co

River Women (36-50 years old)

Mike and Lhan Fernandez

River Families


  • We Believe Worship and prayer are the avenues to know God intimately. Intimacy with God is the key to a victorious Christian life.
  • We Believe the Bible is the word of God written without error and is our guide for doctrinal teaching, building up our faith in Christ, strengthening our spiritual life and walk in Christ Jesus.

  • We Believe and Serve the one True God who revealed Himself in the Bible as three persons sharing one indivisible essence in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, that is, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • We Believe Jesus Christ is the unique person having two natures-the perfection of the both God and Man. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life suffered, crucified and died in the place of sinful man. He was buried, resurrected and ascended bodily into Heaven, and is to return bodily to earth a second time.

  • We Believe the Holy Spirit is God who is actively at work in the world. He dwells permanently in every Christian. He is our Counsellor, Teacher and Helper. He helps us to pray, equips and empowers us to serve God. He strengthens and molds us to be more like Christ, and protects us to guarantee our eternal life. We believe in His manifest presence today revealing Himself in power and making Himself known experientially to every Believer who hungers and thirsts for Him. We Believe in the operation of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit gives.

  • We Believe Man is God’s creature who bears His image and was originally sinless but through the sin of the first man Adam, all mankind sinned, became separated from God and totally unable to gain God’s favour of forgiveness and eternal life by self-effort or good works.

  • We Believe Salvation is God’s act of forgiving sins, reconciling people to him, and giving eternal life to those who believe in Jesus. Salvation is not a reward for good works but a free gift of God received by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

  • We Believe in Water Baptism by immersion, and all who repent should be baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

  • We Believe Jesus Christ will come again to reign and to reward God’s people with eternal life with Him in the new Heaven and earth and to judge unbelievers with eternal separation from God and suffering in hell.

  • We Believe the Church is the universal body of Christ consisting of all born again Believers in Jesus made one by the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.