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supernatural ministry // prophetic workshops

With a clear instruction from God, the River of God Supernatural Ministry headed by Pastor Rachel Sanchez was founded in 2005.

Vision: To become a training center for anyone desiring to know more of the supernatural power and identity we have in Christ, to speak forth the mind and counsel of God brining restoration and healing of broken bodies, souls and spirits.

Mission: To raise up and send forth anointed, Spirit-filled believers who will transform the world and advance the Kingdom of God with His presence, love and power.

Ephesians 2:19-20 “19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, 20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.”

Jesus is building His church by expressing Himself through anointed men and women of God who receive revelations through their intimate relationship with the Trinity. The River of God Supernatural Ministry through various levels of workshops and classes brings encouragement and strength to the body of Christ. This ministry seeks to mature the saints by preparing them for the works of public service or ministry, impart the gifts, creates a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God and bring about unity of the faith that comes with the knowledge of the Son of God so that the body of Christ will mature into the full measure of Jesus Christ Himself.

soaking in the river

PCEC - Transformation and Revival holds a monthly Soaking in the River for the Body of Christ. Its main goal is to pray for the nation to see a transformation in our land and for Christians to encounter the Holy Spirit as it aims to bring all the churches in the Body of Christ to come and worship together and soak in the presence of God, bringing about intimacy, transformation and revival to the hearts of every believer so that their churches will be on-fire in fulfilling the Great Commission. 

worship mentoring

River of God Worship has been conducting Worship Mentoring workshops since 2014 and continues to do so for the equipping of Worship Teams in the Body of Christ, consisting of prophetic worship, worship leading, skills training, playing dynamics, song-writing, and heart-transforming encounters with the Lord.  This is a ministry with a mission of mentoring and raising Spirit-filled worship leaders and musicians with deep intimacy with the living God, worshipping in Spirit and in truth. 


Activate conferences are held once a year where the believers are activated to walk in the supernatural realm and experience the outpouring presence of the Holy Spirit through the signs, wonders, miracles, impartation of spiritual gifts, healing and deliverance!

  1. To teach people who the Holy Spirit is and for them to encounter His wonderful  presence that brings transformation and empowerment in the lives of the believer. 
  2. To equip the believers about the supernatural realm and how it will make their witnessing more effective. 
  3. To make known to the church the power that the Holy Spirit gives. 
  4. To usher in revival as the church receives the fire of the Holy Spirit that will result to healing of the sick, encouragement through prophecy, freedom from bondages and strongholds. 

women arise

VISION - To gather, encourage, nurture, empower, and mobilize women regardless of age, race, ethnicity, and social status, with the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.

MISSION - To bring together women through conferences, seminars, trainings, and events for women to arise in their spiritual lives.