Apr 16, 2024    Ps. Rachel Sanchez, Ps. Vicky Gacutan, Ps. Ann Balisacan

We can never let Women’s Month pass without recognizing the women frequently behind, yet devotedly beside men who are called by God to shepherd His flock. They are the Priscilla behind every Aquila—the Pastors’ Wives. 👩🏼‍🦳👩🏻‍🦰

Sit with us once more for our upcoming Rivertalks episode, titled “Behind Every Shepherd Part II”. This time, Pastors Vicky Gacutan, Ann Balisacan, and Rachel Sanchez will enroot grains of wisdom as they share the peaks and valleys that come with the life of a minister’s wife. It’s also a time to magnify their service and sacrifice as they fulfill their unique call and faithfully commit to this sacred privilege. 🩷

Hosted by Ps. Tin Corpus, Rivertalks airs LIVE TONIGHT, APRIL 16, TUESDAY at 7 PM, on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. 📲

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